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Friday, February 28, 2014

Can Anyone Get Dental Implants?

There are now more options to replace missing teeth and one that is gaining in popularity and use is the dental implant. The implant is usually made of titanium and is surgically placed by a dentist or dental specialist such as an oral surgeon. These screw-like parts are placed into the jaw bone and are meant to imitate the root of the tooth.

Dental implants have a number of important advantages over conventional crowns, bridges and dentures:
  •  Implants look and feel like natural teeth.   
  • Implants function in the same way as natural teeth and there are no difficulties with eating or cleaning the teeth. 
  • Healthy adjacent teeth do not have to be filed down to act as supports for the missing tooth or teeth. This means that they are therefore less likely to need root fillings. 
  • The presence of the implant maintains the structure of the bone beneath the replaced tooth, as chewing forces are transmitted through the implant to the bone and stimulate the natural process of bone renewal. This helps preserve a good appearance, both of the restored teeth and of the face. 
  • Dental implants can be used to give removable dentures a firm grip. 
  • With dental implants, there is no need to use special glues to hold the false teeth in place, as there is with some dentures.
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