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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Gift Your Loved Ones With Healthy Heart In India

Cardiac bypass surgery in India is a hope for an international patient looking for an alternate option for the complicated surgery, spiralling the expense in the UK and USA to top. Cardiac Bypass surgery is a procedure to create a route for blood and oxygen, allowing to reach every cardiac muscle opening the blocked veins and arteries. In the process a healthy blood vessel is removed from part like leg, and grafted in the place of obstructed blood vessel in Heart making a new pathway. The process and graft are chosen by the surgeon depending upon the size of blockage, artery and location. The top hospitals in India internationally renowned for the services offered. The diagnosis, treatment , surgeries are available under one roof handled under the guidance of expertise in cardiology.

Indian healthguru consultants are a group of medical tourism company working with the goal to avail positive result in treatment services provided in India. The company is associated with health care network providing other supportive facility like visa assistance, domestic traveling, hotel stays, hospitalization etc. Even the smallest need will be given priority and fulfilled by the team. The success rate is high for cardiac bypass surgery in India with Indian healthguru consultants, energizing the life with new and healthy heart.

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